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About us
About us

Shadow Games Incorporated is a non-profit association which was incorporated in 1994. The objective of Shadow Games was the promotion of role playing within Australia through the organisation of the Necronomicon role playing convention. With the start of 2000, Shadow Games has determined to extend their previous objective of the promotion of role playing in Australia. We aim to look beyond just running Necronomicon, and to promote other areas of role playing, such as freeform campaigning.

Originally, members of Shadow Games were drawn from experienced convention organisers. Necronomicon is organised by a subcommittee of Shadow Games members, and from other interested people. Since 1994, Shadow Games has successfully organised six Necronomicon conventions, and one Sydcon convention. It has also organised a joint Sydcon-Necronomicon convention during 2000. Through these conventions, many of the current members of Shadow Games have gained extensive organisational experience.

Shadow Games is always open to new ideas or offers of assistance.

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